Barcelona have a forgotten face after playing Juve, not full 2-2

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Barcelona ‘s attacking game is brutal. It’s true but the defensive weakness is clearly see. Being uncomplicated by Juventus. Snatching two goals until losing the record for winning the pre-season tour of the United States. Because the ball is drawn 2-2.

USA Tour 2022

Barcelona ( Spain ) 2

Juventus ( Italy ) 2

Scorers : 1-0 Dembele on .34, 1-1 Keane on .39 , 2-1 Dembele on .40, 2-2 Keane on .51

Stadium : Cotton Bowl, Texas, USA ( Central Field ) 

Coach Xavi Hernandez has won two straight US tours this ufabet game, trying the Barca system for Ousmane Dembele , Robert Lewandowski, Pierre – Emerick Aubame. Young is the front trio.  

Max Allegri’s side challenged to exchange punches as well, despite the absence of Paul Pogba, the midfielder hurts the kneecap. But Angel Di Maria enters Moise Kean.

The game is considered even ‘ Azul Grana ‘ dominated the ball more than 34 minutes , relying on the unique ability of Dembele to burn a zigzag cut from the right into the middle. Then rocked out, pressed a narrow corner, the right foot full diagonal, inserted the far post into the ball 1-0

But just 5 minutes , Juve ‘s practice ball equalized 1-1. The ball set from the middle of the field was spanning from right to left to Juan Cuadrado, cutting deep into the door, Moise Kean charged with burning hair, leaving no remains.

5 minutes before the end of the first half, ‘ Barça ‘ took the lead again 2-1 when Busquets shot the ball out of the right wing for Dembele , the same person dragging the players ‘ Zebra ‘ 3-4 people blocked until Got the left foot press box 7 yards tungsten net