Ancelotti is satisfied with the overall picture from the game draw with Club America

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Carlo Ancelotti viewed his players to perform better than their first game in the 1-0 defeat to Barcelona, ​​despite being drawn by ufabet Club America to a 2-2 draw late in their most recent friendly.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti revealed his players performed better in their latest pre-season friendly in the 2-2 draw with Club America. Before hinting that the team will play. The warm-up against Juventus on Saturday will be the squad that prepares for the European Super Cup clash. With Eintracht Frankfurt. As reported by Marca on Wednesday, 

‘It was a good game, better than the first [lost to Barcelona 1-0],’ Ancelotti told Marca. ‘We had some problems in the beginning. But then the team played well. We had more control in the first half and more strength in the second half.’

Real Madrid are lined up for a friendly against Juventus at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. And the Whites will play the European Super Cup against Eintracht Frankfurt in Helsinki on August 10, before kicking off their defense of the La Liga title four days later. That with the program to visit the new team Almeria on August 14

Speaking of planning for the European Super Cup, Ancelotti said: ‘It will look more like last season because it was a tournament where we qualified with the Champions League. We have to keep this in mind because it means the end of the season. We have to finish the season by winning the Super Cup. The team playing will look like the team we play on Saturday (against Juventus).’