IAOL was designed for those that find themselves in the middle or periphery of an event of epic proportions.  It is my personal hope you never experience it first hand.  However, if you do, we need your help to allow a free-flow of information coming out of the developing story.  Please take video in bites (take some video, then stop, start again) and make a note which video took the best footage.  We don’t want all of your footage – only the portions that give the best insight into the event.  Feel free to narrate if you are in a safe place.  Do not narrate or take any video if you are not safe.

After you have video(s) that you believe are important to share, upload them after opening an account in this site.  You will find the upload button under your Account link.  We thank you in advance.  Your videos will drive the membership in this website and therefore we appreciate your help.

This site is also for those around an event (in the same city) who want to post to friends and family that you are OK.  Simply sign-up and post.  Your friends and family will look at this site to find your communication.

Thank you everyone for all of your support.  Please support those who RIP by giving to their families.  We do not keep any of your donations but pass them on to those who suffer the gripping pain of loss.  If you are a family member or loved one of a victim, please contact us and we will add their information to this site and collect donations on behalf of him/her.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you gather video – be safe out there!